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Hospital Data Unlocked

Effortlessly and securely transfer data from enterprise-level programs and applications to begin your data transformation journey.

Interoperable Data Governance

Utilizing our Health Data Governance semanticization, your data will undergo unifying and simplifying into a more manageable, secured and accessible state.

Unleashing Data-driven Innovation

With ready-to-use data in your hands, you can explore the limitless innovations that could transform your hospital, from AI solutions in patient flow to value-based out-of-hospital care.


Begin your data-driven transformation

Bringing your enterprise into the forefront of data-driven transformation and unlocking AI and Big Data capabilities requires three steps, initiation of data siloed discovery, implementation of data interoperability in a well governed flow and lastly utilisation of data with scoped and designed applications to solve organisational needs.


Steps we take to transform

Brainstorming & Ideating Goals

Before getting started, understandings of the scope and scale of your visions establishes how we can best approach your needs.

Technical Integration Architect

After understanding goals and objectives we explored your current technical implementation across data siloed and touchpoints, then design technical implementation that unlocks your data.

Customizing for your Needs

With the foundation set, we can begin formulating different variations of our solutions for you, with advanced customization readily available.

Stakeholder Interviews

Understanding the needs of care stakeholders across departments and beneficiaries will help us better answer the needs of your end results.

Patient Interviews

Incorporating the opinions of your patients will help to better refine our transformations, helping to increase its reach and effectiveness, and address any further needs

Guaranteed Scopes and Begin

Our SLAs include objective scopes guaranteed, tasks completion time and dynamic changes in future phases requirement to meet your needs.

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Meet our business partner who work behind the scene

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How Pestro work behind the scenes


Data Aggregation Gateway

Departments can easily and securely connect their IT-owned and LOB-owned data as well as HIS's data to Ever’s Data Aggregation Gateway.


UI/UX for project

We provide the best UI/UX Design by following the latest trends of the market .


Negotiation about project

After the negotiation is done , We start to build the project with latest technology .


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